CNN Moves Ashleigh Banfield & Kyra Phillips, Adds John Berman

CNN announced today that its moving hosts Kyra Phillips and Ashleigh Banfield to new time slots. Actually, in Phillips’ case, it’s a new network over on HLN. CNN is also putting former ABC News correspondent John Berman, who joined the network recently, on its Early Start show with Zoraida Sambolin. Berman will also contribute to CNN’s website and other shows. These changes come as CNN was hit with second quarter ratings that show the network falling to a 21-year primetime ratings low. Meanwhile, in the cable anchor musical chairs, Banfield is leaving the early early AM of Early Start, where she and Sambolin have been since November 2011, for CNN Newsroom. Banfield will now host the 11 AM spot for the network. Lastly, Phillips, who has been with CNN nearly 13 years, will leave the 11 AM Newsroom slot and move over to HLN where she will debut a new daytime show later this summer. “The show will be built around Kyra’s personality and passions, which include looking at the state of parenting and the modern family, civil rights and discrimination, children with disabilities and military families,” said HLN exec Scot Saforn today. All the host moves are expected to take place in the next month or so, says CNN.

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