EMMYS: Benedict Cumberbatch On 'Sherlock'

Michael Ausiello is Editor-in-Chief of TVLine.

Why Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch has yet to be nominated for an Emmy is a question that might befuddle even his super-sleuth alter-ego. But, rather than solve the mystery, this year it might instead be resolved. Not only is the actor’s name — memorable as it is — on the verge of becoming a household one, thanks to his appearances in two of last year’s Oscar contenders, War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but he’s also collared a plum role (rumored to be Captain Kirk’s nemesis Khan) in the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel. On top of all that, his work in his PBS hit’s second season was — almost unimaginably — better than his work in the first. Is the case of the elusive Emmy nod about to be closed?

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AWARDSLINE: Of the three episodes in Season 2, Masterpiece has chosen to submit ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ for Emmy consideration. Do you agree that that was the strongest of the three?
BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: It’s tough to say. It was the first you got to see Holmes, who at times is less than heroic and very adolescent, [experience love]. Not that he was in love, but he was in the midst of playing or experiencing or being seduced and toyed by and with love. It was a very smart play on the Irene Adler story. Irene [played by Lara Pulver] and Sherlock were like two predators circling each other waiting for the kill — it was hardly conducive to the normal conversation you would have on a first date. It was really, really enticing because it works on the principle that the best romantic stories are about the waiting [and] the game. The audience is just waiting for something to happen, and it doesn’t necessarily happen. I think it combines so many elements of what the show is about: the wit, the action, the visual style. [‘Belgravia’] also [spanned] quite a long period of time, which made it feel weirdly more like a film than most anything I’ve ever done. It’s impossible to say whether it’s the better one. But I’m very proud of it. (more…)

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