’s Weekly YouTube Channel Rankings

Scripted entertainment channel Wigs had a breakout week following the introduction on June 11 of its second series, Blue. The drama stars Julia Stiles as a single mom trying to prevent her son from discovering her secret life as an escort. The channel had 3.5M views in the week that ended on June 20, up 2.2M from the previous week. That made it the No. 4 channel on our tally, up from No. 10. Not including a change we made for Mondo Media — explained below — the total number of views for the services we monitor was up 3.5% to 57.2M with the top 10 channels accounting for a little more than 59% of all views, down four percentage points from the previous week. No change in the channels that made the top 10 although, per usual, there was a little shuffling in the order. (more…)

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