EMMYS: 'Rules Of Engagement's Tom Hertz On Comedy

Boardwalk EmpireTom Hertz is the creator and showrunner of the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement which will be filming its 100th episode in its upcoming seventh season.  Before Rules, Hertz created Married to the Kellys for ABC which was based on his marriage and his wife’s familyHertz also served as showrunner on Spin City and King Rules Of Engagementof Queens and was on the writing staff of  HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show and Dennis Miller Live, for which he won an Emmy Award in 1996. We asked Hertz to give us his thoughts on sitcoms today. Hertz had a better idea: A transcript of his phone conversation with his talent manager.

TOM HERTZ: (into phone): Hello.
HERTZ REP: Hey there. How’s everything going?

TH: Fine. You know, just a regular life.
HR: Great. Well, I think I have an opportunity for you.
TH: Ugh.

HR: No, this is good. They’re doing a Deadline Hollywood Emmy issue, a print thing, and they’d like you to write something for it.
TH: Why? What am I writing about? (more…)

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