CBS Fires Back At ABC Over 'Glass House' Restraining Order

CBS wasted no time replying to ABC’s opposition to a temporary retraining order on its upcoming reality show Glass House. “The clear theft and use of CBS’s material, coupled with the admitted destruction of emails, clearly warrants a TRO at this stage,” read the 28-page reply filed this afternoon (read it here). “And ABC’s protestations that injunctive relief would harm their business are of no moment because any harm is of their own making…” The legal reply comes less that 24 hours after ABC filed its opposition to CBS’ TRO request of late last week to halt the June 18 premiere of Glass House. CBS alleges that Glass House is a blatant rip-off of its Big Brother. “Defendants offer a supposed parade of horribles if Glass House is not allowed to air. But Defendants miss the most important point: any harm to ABC is a direct result of ABC’s own illegal conduct and so should not bar injunctive relief,” today’s CBS filing says.

In its opposition filing yesterday, ABC said it would suffer hardship and significant harm for the reality show’s success if the TRO was granted. The network says it has spent $16 million promoting the show. Judge Gary Feess is expected to make a ruling on a TRO hearing before the end of the week.

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