Philip Seymour Hoffman Leaves Paradigm, Goes Agentless

BREAKING: Phil Seymour Hoffman is going to go without an agent. He’s leaving Paradigm after an 18-year run at the agency, repped by Sarah Fargo. From the breakout role in Boogie Nights, to the Oscar turn in Capote, the recent tour de force performance as Willy Loman in the Mike Nichols-directed Death Of A Salesman (I was surprised he didn’t win the Tony for Best Actor) and his work in last year’s Oscar movies Moneyball and The Ides Of March, Fargo’s done a helluva job finding ways to showcase Hoffman’s considerable talents. I am not hearing that he’s taking meetings, just that he’ll go agentless for now. Hoffman next appears in the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed The Master, and I’ve heard he has been offered a big role, Plutarch Heavensbee, in The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. Mostly, Hoffman is wiped out after finishing the Willy Loman role, which director Mike Nichols says is perhaps the most taxing stage role on an actor. Hoffman might just need a break before figuring out what’s in his future.

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