Joy Behar To Host Show On Current TV

UPDATED: The View co-host Joy Behar will be launching a daily show on Current TV. The program, tentatively titled The Joy Behar Show, will premiere in September and air Monday through Thursday at 6 PM with rebroadcasts later in the evening in primetime. Featuring a regular rotating ensemble of journalists, analysts and political satirists, the program will focus on political events, social issues and pop culture topics.

Veteran comedian Behar will make her debut on the cable channel next week when she will take over for Eliot Spitzer while he is on vacation. She will not be guest hosting his Viewpoint but will be hosting her own show in the time period once occupied by Keith Olbermann. Titled Joy Behar: One Week Only *Until the Fall, the program will air Monday through Friday that week at 8 PM ET and offer a taste of Behar’s upcoming nightly show — featuring conversations with a mix of journalists, newsmakers and celebrities. Behar said her show on Current TV will be similar to her The Joy Behar Show, which she anchored on HLN for two years. “There will be a lot more politics because I’m interested in politics, and they had a different focus at HLN,” Behar said, adding that, in addition to being as political as she is, Current TV also shares her progressive views. She said that he is excited about working with Current TV chairman and former Vice President Al Gore “who didn’t lose the (2000 presidential) election; they just decided that he lost the election.”


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