Lindsay Lohan's Car Crash Delays Filming On Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick'

Lindsay Lohan Car AccidentFour days into production, Lifetime‘s Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopic Liz & Dick starring Lindsay Lohan has made its first Lohan-related tabloid headline after the actress was involved in a car crash today on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. She was on her way to the set of the movie, which had been scheduled to begin filming at 2:30 PM in Malibu. Lohan, who plays Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, was hospitalized along with her lone passenger, an assistant, after colliding with an 18-wheeler, according to TMZ. After an evaluation, she was released and is believed to be on her way back to the set. Production was suspended while Lohan was being treated as she was slated to do the scenes that had been set up. It is unclear why it was Lohan behind the wheel and not her assistant or a driver from the production.

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In Liz & Dick, produced by Larry A. Thompson, Lohan stars opposite Grant Bowler who plays Richard Burton. This marks Lohan’s official return to acting after completing a court-mandated community service.

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