'Body Of Proof' Drops Three Regulars, Will Add Several New Ones

UPDATE FRIDAY 1 PM: Body Of Proof just issued a breakdown for the two new regular characters that will be added to the show next season: two male detectives, a former flame of Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) that is portrayed as the male lead, and his rookie partner:


Det. Tommy Sullivan is an early to mid 40’s former NYPD detective who has transferred to Philadelphia to try to rekindle his relationship with Megan Hunt.   Tommy is from a long line of cops, blue collar, a man’s man.  He’s physical, has a swagger and he’s smart.  He’s affable and easy on the eyes.   Cocky in a charming way, he’s able to fluster Megan in a way no one else can.  He can stand up to her, go toe to toe with a twinkle in his eye.  Tommy’s a bit of a lady killer:  sexy and good-looking.  They broke up twenty years ago because he cheated on her.   He says he’s changed, that she can trust him.  But it’s hard to keep lightning in a bottle.  Which was always part of his appeal to her.   A central and important part of the show, he will be the police side of our hybrid medical/police procedural.   Passing clues back and forth with Megan, as he tries to win her back.


Det. Adam Schaeffer is a newly minted detective first grade who just turned 30.  He’s a Philly native and the son of a high powered defense attorney.  Joining the force was a rebellion against his father.   He’s green but doesn’t consider himself so, to Tommy’s constant consternation.    You couldn’t ask for a smarter young partner – the problem is Adam just doesn’t know his place.  He’s the first one to talk when he should keep his mouth shut.   Wants to run before he can walk.  He’s smooth, has the city wired.  Is still at the stage where he prowls the local nightclubs (successfully) with his friends.  Knows people from all sides of life because of his father.  As much as he’s whip smart and well-educated, he’s going to realize he has a lot to learn from Tommy.

PREVIOUS: In May 2003, ABC gave then-bubble drama series The Practice a last-minute renewal at a significantly reduced license fee. Shortly thereafter, the show let go seven of its 11 regular cast members, including star Dylan McDermott and female leads Lara Flynn Boyle and Kelli Williams. Nine years later, the last-minute renewal of another bubble ABC procedural, Body Of Proof too has led to multiple cast departures. It is not the bloodbath of The Practice proportions as star Dana Delany is staying put, but three of the show’s seven regular cast members were not picked up for next season: Nicholas Bishop, who played Medicolegal Investigator Peter Dunlop, sidekick to Delany’s medical examiner Megan Hunt last seen clinging to life in the finale’s cliffhanger, and John Carroll Lynch and Sonja Sohn, who played the show’s police detectives. News is not that bad for Lynch, who did a pilot in second position that went to series, new NBC drama Do No Harm.

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With the detectives gone, it appeared that Body Of Proof may focus squarely on the workings of the medical examiner office. But I have now learned that the show will be adding new detective characters, so it seems that Body Of Proof is instead going for a creative revamp. As for Delany, she will be getting a new sidekick. According to a released breakdown, the series is casting for a 30something male ethnic guy who works in the medical examiner’s office and spars with Hunt.

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