EMMYS: 'Mad Men's Jessica Paré

Boardwalk EmpireWhen Jessica Paré made her debut during the fourth season of Mad Men, few might’ve guessed she would emerge as one of the key characters on AMC’s multiple-Emmy-winning series. Least of all Paré. Still, at the end of that season she was engaged to Jon Hamm’s lead character, Don Draper, and in the current season five she has had many memorable scenes that have sparked plenty of talk that her performance may add to creator Matt Weiner’s Emmy haul.

AWARDSLINE: Did you have an idea when you joined the show that this would become a break-out character?
PARÉ: Oh God no! Absolutely not. I mean, as a fan of the show I’m sure you know that there are a lot of secretary characters that don’t really ever come to the forefront or have a storyline of their own necessarily. When I first auditioned, I used scenes from previous seasons. So I had no concept of what she was like at all. Never mind what her arc would be. So it was, well, excuse my profanity, it was fucking shocking!

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