Douglas Booth And Logan Lerman Board Boat For 'Noah'

EXCLUSIVE: Darren Aronofsky is casting up the main roles for Noah, the Biblical epic that stars Russell Crowe. I’m told Aronofsky has set Douglas Booth to play Noah’s son Shem. Noah’s older son, Ham, will be played by Logan Lerman. Still to be cast is Noah’s wife — word is that Jennifer Connelly is among the actresses in the mix for that role (she starred with Crowe in A Beautiful Mind) — as well as Noah’s nemesis in the film. Early on there were whispers that Liam Neeson might play that role, but that’s not happening. There is also a great role for a young actress, the love interest for Noah’s oldest son. The film’s being co-financed by Paramount and New Regency and is Aronofsky’s follow-up to Black Swan.

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