Scott Waugh Gets Offer To Direct 'Need For Speed'

Need For Speed DreamWorksBREAKING: Act Of Valor co-director Scott Waugh has been offered the job of directing Need For Speed, the DreamWorks adaptation of the EA video game. George and John Gatins developed the story with George Gatins writing the script. These talks have been going on for weeks, though DreamWorks has been denying all along that this was any more than “an idea,” as recently as two days ago. I’m told they are a ways from agreeing on money, so nothing is firm, but it clearly is more than an idea. Waugh and his Bandito Brothers cohorts are repped by WME. Need For Speed was the first major project expenditure that DreamWorks made once the company came out of suspended animation while waiting for Reliance to invest cash in a re-up.

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