Cash Windfalls For WME Agents, Assistants

EXCLUSIVE: A lot of WME staffers tomorrow get handed checks courtesy of that recent deal with strategic equity partner Silver Lake Partners. The agency won’t say who gets how much, but a source tells me, “There are some checks that are obnoxiously high, and there are some checks that are high enough.” It’s not just board members and partners, either: I’m told WME assistants will get $1,000 each as a “token of appreciation”. (Hey, isn’t that what those poorly paid peons pocket all year?) On May 2nd the Hollywood agency announced that techno-savvy Silver Lake was taking a 31% non-controlling minority interest in a deal set by WME toppers Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell. The investor, Emanuel, and Whitesell all decided to bestow the cash.

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