Doug Liman Reacts To 'I Just Want My Pants Back' Cancellation: “I'm Not Done Fighting'

A day after MTV‘s surprising cancellation of freshman comedy I Just Want My Pants Back, the series’ driving force, executive producer/director Doug Liman says the news still hasn’t sunk in because no one at the show saw it coming. “They were so bullish on the show. MTV’s (head of programming) David Janollari told me that for an executive, this kind of shows come only a few times in a career. This was a month ago.”

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Liman said that his team was already working on Season 2 when the cancellation news came. “When the head of the network tells tells you how passionate he is and that he is bringing back the show, and when the studio tells you how profitable the show is, you start to work on next season.”

“I’m no stranger to disappointment,” he added, pointing out how the Sundance film festival passed on his cult 1996 movie Swingers. He also noted that he’s worked on shows that didn’t work and has accepted their demise. But Pants was different. “It’s really upsetting, not only because of how hard we worked but because of the way the series was received — it was one of MTV’s best reviewed shows ever. It also had solid ratings given its 11 PM slot. When a show works like this you don’t cancel it, it makes no sense.” (more…)

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