ABC Tells Advertisers It Can Guarantee Multimedia Audiences With A Single Deal

ABC Ad Sales Upfronts 2012“We’re breaking down the walls” between different media, ABC Sales President Geri Wang told advertisers at the network’s upfront presentation today. “One deal. One CPM. One guarantee. Every screen. In a world of fragmentation, we offer you aggregation.” The message builds on the efforts by all networks to promote, and get paid for, their audiences on digital plaforms and VOD as well as their traditional broadcasts. “We feel equally passionate about giving you what you want: the best return on your investment,” Disney Media Networks co-chair Anne Sweeney says. The company tried to separate itself from its rivals by noting that its audience is richer, better educated, and more concentrated in major markets. Wang says that as a result of a test with Nielsen “for the very first time we have proof that (our) premium demographics translates into purchasing power.” The company says the results found that viewers of its shows including Modern Family, Revenge, and Castle bought more than competitors such as Two And A Half Men, Bones, and Law & Order: SVU.

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