New NBC Series 'Infamous' To Recast Role

Another role on a newly picked up series, NBC’s drama Infamous, will be recast. Infamous (form. Notorious) is described as an opulent soap in which a female detective (Meagan Good) returns undercover to the wealthy and troubled Lawson family she grew up in — as the maid’s daughter — to solve the murder of the notorious heiress Vivian Lawson who was once her closest friend. The role that is being recast is that of bad boy womanizer Julian Lawson, the handsome brother of the murdered Vivian.  Neil Jackson played the part in the pilot. This is the third recasting on a new NBC series. The female lead in comedy Animal Kingdom, played in the pilot by Amy Huberman, is also being recast. Additionally, the network will have to recast a role in the comedy Guys With Kids played in the pilot as a guest star in second position by Sara Rue after her other pilot, ABC’s Malibu Country, was picked up.

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