So Germany's Film Ban Isn't Due To Tom?

All I can say is that I sincerely hope the future talk about United Artists is more focused on film profits than on Tom Cruise’s Scientology. (See my previous: Germany Bans Tom’s Latest UA Film.) According to a translated German newspaper article published today, Germany’s widely reported opposition to UA’s movie-in-the-works Valkyrie filming at military sites has less to do with its star Cruise’s being a “dangerous” Scientologist and more to do with fuss and bother. Turns out the building that is now a memorial to the “July Plot” conspirators who tried to assassinate Hitler also houses part of the German Ministry of Defense. The main hurdle to a film permit, according to the people in charge of German government buildings, is that the lights and cables and camera teams could disrupt Defense Ministry work. But if an arrangement ensures that filming doesn’t interfere, a permit should be no problem. So those earlier reports appear wrong that the movie has been barred because Tom is a Scientologist. In fact, the Defense Ministry, which only leases the building, does not have the right to grant or reject filming permits. Nevertheless, the German government doesn’t recognize Scientology as a religion but instead criticizes it as a dangerous cult. Articles 4 and 5 of the German constitution protect freedom of faith and creed and expression. The question still remains how cooperative the country will be to Tom and his UA movie. (FYI, to clarify, UA did not issue a press release on this. Today’s information was from a translated German newspaper article.”

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