Exactly Why I So Love Hollywood, Part II

UPDATE: I thought it sounded familiar. Turns out this latest email skirmish was picked up by the media back in 2002, so read the full exchange here. But the insults traded by these witty wounded egos made another go-round in Hollywood under the banner, “If you enjoyed Saperstein vs Strickler, then you’ll adore this…” It’s between Judd Apatow — yes, the writer and director and producer of The 40-year-old Virgin and this summer’s comedy hit Knocked Up — and Mark Brazill, an executive producer of That 70s Show. It took place in 2001 when neither scribbler was famous yet.
Here are my favorite nasty bits:

One email closes with, “Get cancer.”

Another ends, “See ya at the upfronts, bitch! Until then, die in a fiery accident and taste your own blood.”

To which the response is: “That’s a Sam Kinison line, you stupid fuck!!!!”

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