'Shutter Island' #1 Again, 'Cop Out' #2, 'Crazies' #3; Overall 2010 Leading 2009

SUNDAY AM: It’s a dull pre-Oscar weekend at the North American box office with only two major releases are genres fighting each other for No. 2. There were better than expected grosses considering the East Coast was slapped with another harsh snowstorm. Otherwise, there’s not much to say. Holdover Shutter Island, the Marty Scorsese/Leo DiCaprio psychological thriller from Paramount, will easily stay No. 1 again with just a 41% drop from a week ago. It made $6.7M Friday and $10.4M Saturday for a $22.2M weekend and estimated cume of $75M. Warner Bros’ Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan buddy comedy Cop Out (formerly entitled A Couple Of Dicks) opened Friday with $6.2M Friday and $7.8M Saturday for a $18.5M weekend which shows audiences are starved for laughs. Gee, you don’t think director Kevin Smith’s nationally blown-out-of-proportion fight with Southwest Airlines was a PR grab by this publicity hog, do you? It’s the first film he helmed that he also didn’t write. Overture’s doomsday horror pic The Crazies co-financed by Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi debuted with $5.7M Friday and $6.4M Saturday for a $16M weekend due to heavy TV ad rotation. Fox’s Avatar crossed $700M domestic. And Sony Pictures Classics platformedg the French language prisoner drama A Prophet in 9 NY and LA locations after it’s won several awards and is Oscar nominated. Industry types all weekend emailed me from the theaters gushing how good this pic is.

Overall year-to-date revenues for the first 2 months of 2010 are $1,805,600,000, as compared to $1,778,467,029. Revenue is up 1.53%, but attendance is down .48%. 

Here’s the Top 10 for the weekend:

1. Shutter Island (Paramount) Week 2 [3,003 Theaters]
Friday $6.7M, Saturday $10.4M, Weekend $22.2M, Cume $75M

2. Cop Out (Warner Bros) NEW [3,150 Theaters]
Friday $5.9M, Saturday $7.8M, Weekend $18.5M

3. The Crazies (Overture) NEW [2,476 Theaters]
Friday $5.9M, Saturday $6.4M, Weekend $16M

4. Avatar (Fox) Week 11 [2,456 Theaters]
Friday $3.1M, Saturday $6.6M, Weekend $14M, Cume $706.9M

5. Percy Jackson (Fox) Week 3 [3,302 Theaters]
Friday $2.4M, Saturday $4.6M, Weekend $9.8M, Cume $71.2M

6. Valentine’s Day (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,578 Theaters]
Friday $2.9M, Saturday $4.2M, Weekend $9.5M, Cume $100.3M

7. Dear John (Sony) Week 4 [3,006 Theaters]
Friday $1.5M, Saturday $2.1M, Weekend $5M, Cume $72.6M

8. The Wolfman (Universal) Week 3 [3,043 Theaters]
Friday $1.1M, Saturday $1.9M, Weekend $4.1M, Cume $57.2M

9. Tooth Fairy (Fox) Week 6 [2,249 Theater]
Friday $730K, Saturday $1.7M, Weekend $3.4M, Cume $53.8M

10. Crazy Heart (Fox Searchlight) Week 11 [1,158 Theaters]
Friday $610K, Saturday $1.2M, Weekend $2.5M, Cume $25M

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