Walter Mosley Teams To Launch Company To Produce His Own Books

(Brooklyn, NY)–Bestselling author Walter Mosley has teamed up with producer Diane Houslin to launch a new production company, B.O.B. Filmhouse (Best of Brooklyn Filmhouse). Author of more than 39 novels and stories, Mosley has had numerous books optioned and produced before, but now, for the first time, will play an active role in seeing them transformed into films and television series.

“In Diane Houslin I’ve found the perfect partner.” says Mosley about his decision to launch B.O.B Filmhouse with Houslin. “Her experience is invaluable and offers a good balance to what I can bring to the conversation. This is a time of such great change in the business—from how we tell stories to where our readers and audiences find them—that I am excited to be a part of the whole process.” (more…)

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