Katzenberg “Biggest Hollywood Mogul”?

The Apprentice needs to go back to school when it comes to the entertainment biz. The winner of this week’s task on the NBC show was given a reward: to be flown out to Dreamworks Animation headquarters by Jeffrey Katzenberg on a private jet and audition for a voiceover role in Over the Hedge. Sure, it was all a cheezy promotional stunt for the studio’s movie, which opens this Friday. And in happier synergistic days, Dreamworks’ animated films were still distributed by NBC Universal. Now D’works is owned by rival Paramount, so I can’t figure out why the network didn’t edit out this next bit: When contestant Sean spied Katzenberg in the flesh, the London recruitment consultant declared: “He is the biggest Hollywood mogul there is.” Sean’s from outta town so I’ll cut the guy some slack for his apparent ignorance of things Hollywood. But that Trump penchant for hyperbole must be infectious.

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