WB Markets eBook Shooting Scripts

Warner Bros has launched a digital publishing initiative called Inside the Script that offers a series of illustrated eBooks that present actual shooting scripts for classic movies including Casablanca, Ben-Hur, An American In Paris and North By Northwest. The eBooks are available on iBookstore, Kindle and Nook. The books also feature production notes, storyboards, photos including costumes, posters, on-set stills and behind-the-scenes photos. Casablanca for example includes memos from Jack Warner, Production Code letters and a telegram from Hal Wallis. Ben-Hur includes Charlton Heston’s acting and shooting journals. The package for An American In Paris includes set design paintings and notes on the ballet sequence from Vincent Minnelli’s papers. North By Northwest comes with Alfred Hitchcock’s editing and title sequence notes, photos, storyboards and photos of the crop duster sequence. For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/insidethescript.

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