Fox World Premieres Stunning Footage Of Ang Lee’s 3D ‘The Life Of Pi’: CinemaCon

This morning was 20th Century Fox’s turn at bat at CinemaCon, where the studio showcased its 2012 product reel hosted by co-chairs Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman. They said, “we get to take credit today for everyone else’s hard work, but I think we have our best, most diverse slate in years”. The undisputed highlight of the presentation was saved for the end of the studio’s breezy hourlong show. (“Unlike some of the others, we are not into lengthy presentations, just in delivering the goods”, Rothman said.) Setting up the 10 minutes of 3D footage from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee’s epic The Life Of Pi, scheduled for a Christmas release, Rothman compared the film to the innovations and groundbreaking filmmaking techniques the studio experienced with Titanic, Avatar and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. He said all of these techniques come together in The Life of Pi, the screen adaptation of a book by Yann Martel that sold 7 million copies about a 17-year-old zookeeper’s son and his arch rival, a bengal tiger, who are stranded together on the open seas after their ship is pummeled by stormy seas. Rothman also compared it in some ways also to the studio’s Castaway (in which Tom Hanks played opposite a volleyball).

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