Controversial Bruce Dow Exiting (Or Exited) As SAG Pension & Health Plans CEO

SAG Pension & Health Plan Rocked By Lawsuit: Targets CEO Bruce Dow
Feds Probing SAG P&H Embezzlements/Cover-Ups Allegations

EXCLUSIVE… UPDATE: It’s official – Bruce Dow just announced to the staff at 3:10 PM today that he is “retiring” as CEO of the SAG Pension and Health Plans on April 30th. I found out months ago this was in the works the moment Dow became controversial, and that’s why he was on leave for so long. Replacing him will be COO Chris Dowdell serving as Interim CEO. Dow’s stepping down follows considerable controversy, including a civil lawsuit’s descriptions of questionable activities by him, and even what is an “active” federal investigation into allegations he improperly conducted his job there. So the question now remains what if anything the SAG P&H Plans Board Of Trustees plan to do in the way of their own investigation into allegations of executive wrongdoing and accusations that millions of dollars were diverted due to fraud. the Board’s continued attempt to stay silent about the scandal, and possibly even cover it up, shouldn’t be tolerated by SAG membership any longer. Especially with that board consisting of such prominent SAG executive leaders as David White (the SAG National Exective Director newly named sole SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director of the freshly merged union), and John McGuire (longtime SAG executive) and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland (longtime SAG attorney) who were supposed to oversee the membership’s interests on the panel.

2ND UPDATE: The SAG-PPHP Board of Trustees issued this statement following my scoop. Talk about a soft landing. Dow will remain on the payroll as a consultant for what I hear will be 18 months:

“It is with regret that we accept our CEO Bruce Dow’s decision to resign from employment with the Plans. For the last 28 years, Bruce has been instrumental in assisting the Trustees in designing and managing many of the benefit programs actors enjoy today. His ideas and innovation over the years have produced substantial savings for the Plans and excellent benefits for Plan participants. We greatly appreciate the work that Bruce has done for the Plans and are pleased to announce that Bruce will serve as a Consultant to the Plans.”

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