Martin Scorsese And Ang Lee Tell Theater Owners That The Future Belongs To 3D: CinemaCon

Directors Martin Scorsese and Ang Lee don’t seem fazed by theater owners’ concerns about the expense of installing the technology to show movies in 3D, and moviegoers’ objections to higher-priced tickets and the glasses needed to watch them. “Absolutely it’s the future,” Scorsese said in a joint interview with Lee today at the CinemaCon Filmmakers Forum — an event partly sponsored by 3D technology company RealD. “The moment (film) started, people wanted three things: color, sound and depth.” Lee added that filmmakers “really need your support. It will be a good investment” to install projectors capable of showing 3D movies. Scorsese says that it was a liberating challenge to film Hugo with the extra dimension that reminded him of looking into a View Master. “There was something that transported you to another world,” he says. “There’s a scene where actor Sacha Baron Cohen leans in to intimidate the boy (the film’s lead character). It was like he came off the screen.” But that also made the movie more intimate.  “People would come back and say that they liked being in that world.” He doesn’t have a strong view yet about efforts to increase the image projection speed to 48 frames a second or more from 24 frames. Although critics say the image can look cold and too precise, “we’ve already made an adjustment from the look of nitrate (film) to acetate. So that (more…)

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