'Battleship' Past $100M Foreign Box Office

Peter Berg’s military vs aliens actioner from Universal Pictures made the milestone in its first 10 days of international release. Through this Sunday Battleship‘s first 12-day total should reach $126.7M in its first 10 days of international release. The pressure is on for the film to do well in the 50 territories where it’s now open — including China and Russia — because of its advance bad buzz and very expensive budget. (The studio claims the cost was $209M while outside sources say $250M.) Battleship doesn’t open in the U.S./Canada until May 18th because the studio set a strategy to open overseas first. This weekend it debuted in another 24 territories and should gross $56M for the weekend. It was #1 opener in 16 territories this week bringing the film’s total Number One openings overseas to 37 in the last two weeks:

— It opened #1 in Russia Thursday with $2.1 million and dominated the box office there with 78% of market share.  Friday’s gross is $2.2M with a 2-day total estimate of $4.3M (LC 126.4M) — better than both Thor and Iron Man but also helped by a big theater-building push there.

— In Ukraine, Battleship also opened to #1 and was Universal’s biggest opener in history in that territory.

— In China, Battleship gave Universal its largest opening in history on Wednesday where the film grossed $3M on opening day and has gone on to make $8.2M (LC50M) in three days — more than Fast Five (LC43M).

Battleship held the #1 spot during Week 2 in Germany, Austria, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It had very strong holds in Australia and Japan.

Universal has 14 more territories to open including Israel on May 3, South Africa on May 4, and Latin America starting on May 10.

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