Dolby Says New Technology Will Make Movies Sound More Realistic: CinemaCon

We’ll probably hear a lot of announcements like this one over the next few days as movie technology companies try to wow theater execs who are gathering in Las Vegas for their annual CinemaCon convention.  Dolby Laboratories is putting its marketing muscle behind a new audio platform called Dolby Atmos that it says will provide theater audiences with “a life-like, sensory experience” with sounds that can seem to emanate from almost any place in the auditorium. The technology can handle 128 audio inputs, and feed signals to as many as 64 different speakers. Dolby CEO Kevin Yeaman calls this “our most significant innovation in years and represents the future for entertainment sound in cinema.” Dolby will deploy it in several “premium global locations” this year in the U.S., Europe, China and Japan with plans to roll it out widely in 2013. The company says that the technology gives sound designers and content creators more control — and enables them to easily monitor and (more…)

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