'Silver Surfer' Rips Sequel Fatigue Wave; 'Hostel II' Piracy Blamed For Poor Grosses

SUNDAY AM: Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer had a fantastic opening of $58.5 million (Fox’s official number is $57.4 mil) this weekend from 3,959 theaters, shredding rival movies and the lowered expectations Fox had been touting for the film because of summer sequel fatigue. (That’s more than the original, which took in $56M from 3,619; it went on to make $154.6M domestically and $175.4M overseas for a total of $330.1M.) The PG audience for the Marvel comic book film was primarily teens and tweens; the under-18 crowd gave the pic an A-minus. better yet, the cost of the pic was less than half of this summer’s other blockbusters. It can’t lose. One week out, Warner’s Ocean’s Thirteen fell 47% from last weekend to finish 2nd. It raked in only $19M from 3,565 venues from Friday through Sunday for a decent new cume of $69.7M. Universal’s R-rated comedy Knocked Up placed 3rd, starting its third week in release, took in a respectable $14.1M this weekend from 2,907 playdates for a hot new cume of $90M. Costing just $30 mil, it should hit the magic $100 million mark before next weekend. Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End started its fourth week of release in 4th place and shows it has sealegs. It looted $12M from 2,907 venues for a bountiful new cume of $273.8M domestically while it continues to find smooth sailing overseas.

After its disappointing debut because of a lot of competition vying for the same demos in the marketplace, Sony’s Surf’s Up one week out (-47%) managed 5th, making $9.3M from 3,531 theaters for a new cume of $34.6M. In 6th place at the start of its 5th week in release, DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek The Third is still having Saturday matinee legs and will pass the magic $300M cume mark in U.S. box office by Monday (it’s now $297.2M).  It took in $9M from 3,505 venues for the weekend. The only other major movie debuting this weekend was Warner’s updated Nancy Drew from Warner’s at No. 7. It made $7M from 2,612 playdates. Lionsgate’s Hostel Part II dropped a whopping 65% from its debut last weekend and continues to underperform dramatically, making just $2.9M from 2,350 playdates. Filmmaker Eli Roth is blaming piracy and not the disgusting torture porn content for the pic’s feeble $14M cume. “A stolen workprint (with uninished music, no sound effects, and no VFX) leaked out on line before the release, and is really hurting us, especially internationally,” Roth tells fans. “After next weekend the film will be gone from theaters. There are too many other summer movies coming in.” MGM’s Mr. Brooks is another box office bomb: in 9th place starting three weeks out, it eked out only $2.9M from 1,923 theaters for a tiny $23.5 cume. And, finally rounding out the Top 10, Sony’s Spider-Man 3 is petering out as it enters its 7th week in release. With a new cume of $330M, Peter Parker made $2.5M from 1,822 venues.

Here’s the Top 10 chart:

  1. 1. Silver Surfer $22.1M Fri, $19.7M Sat, and est $16.7M Sun. (cume $57.4M)
  2. 2. Ocean’s Thirteen $6M Fri, $7.7M Sat, and est $5.2M Sun. ($69.7M)
  3. 3. Knocked Up 3 $4.4M Fri, $5.6M Sat, and est $3.9M Sun. ($90M)
  4. 4. Pirates 3 $3.2M Fri, $5.2M Sat, and est $3.7M Sun. ($273.8M)
  5. 5. Surf’s Up $2.8M Fri, $3.5M Sat, and est $2.9M Sun. ($34.6M)
  6. 6. Shrek The Third $2.6M Fri, $3.4M Sat, and est $3M Sun. ($297.2M)
  7. 7. Nancy Drew $2.8M Fri, $2.5M Sat, and est $1.7M Sun. ($7M)
  8. 8. Hostel II $975KM Fri, $1.1M Sat, and est $805K Sun. ($14M)
  9. 9. Mr. Brooks $825K Fri, $1.2M Sat, and est $860K Sun. ($23.5M)
  10. 10. Spider-Man 3 $675K Fri, $990K Sat, and est $835K Sun. ($330M)

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