Netflix To Stream All 10 New Episodes Of 'Arrested Development' At Once: Report

When Netflix gets around to filming new episodes of Arrested Development — show creator Mitch Hurwitz says production will begin this summer — the streaming video service will release all 10 new segments at once, according to a report on Mashable. The new episodes will be released “sometime next year,” Netflix said last night at NAB in Las Vegas. The service is bringing back the Fox-Imagine series that was canceled in 2006 because of poor ratings, but the intense loyalty of the show’s fans convinced Hurwitz and Netflix it was worth another shot. New episodes will focus on a single individual character, Hurwitz told the audience, and would be similar to those from the past. He didn’t offer specifics about storyline. Netflix originally planned to present the show to subscribers during the first half of 2013. The timing is less certain now. Hurwitz also expressed hope it might be possible to produce an additional season if those initial 10 new segs prove successful. Netflix previously released all eight episodes of Lilyhammer, the company’s initial push into original programming and plans to bring it back for a second season.

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