GoDigital Acquires Katherine Heigl Pic Called 'Lowest Grossing Film Ever” With $30 Gross

GoDigital has acquired the U.S. digital rights to the indie thriller Zyzzyx Road, which stars Katherine Heigl, Tom Sizemore and Leo Grillo. The purchaser is embracing the fact that the film has been called the lowest grossing film of all time, after it was shown for seven days at a small theater in Dallas, Texas to fulfill the U.S. release obligation required by the Screen Actors Guild for low-budget films. Total gross? $30.

“The film’s DVD run in the worldwide market has been successful, and we are excited to finally move into US households. We know a lot of consumers are out there waiting, and pairing up with GoDigital on this was an easy decision,” said Grillo, who’s executive producer.

“We love the story behind this film and are thrilled to be part of what we believe will be a happy ending, I am confident it will make us more than $30,” added GoDigital Director of Marketing, Barry Daffurn, with a smile. Good thing digital releases don’t require PR participation of the film’s stars the way theatrical releases do, it doesn’t stand to reason that Heigl would embrace this film’s notorious claim to box office infamy.

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