Now Warner Bros Settles With Redbox

One by one, Hollywood studios are reluctantly doing business with Red Box and starting  partnerships. (Fox and Universal still have lawsuits pending… Paramount and others have made deals.) The latest is Warner Bros whose Home Entertainment Group and Redbox today announced a new multi-year distribution agreement that will make new release DVD and Blu-ray titles available after a 28-day window. The agreement marks the end of the lawsuit that Redbox filed against Warner Home Video last August.

Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group, said in a statement today that “the 28-day window enables us to get the most from the sales potential of our titles and maximize VOD usage.” The new arrangement provides Redbox with reduced product costs, sufficient quantities of product and optimal stock levels four weeks after street date as well as extends Redbox’s access to Blu-ray titles, which Redbox is currently testing in select markets. Warner Home Video and Redbox will be implementing delayed availability during the month of March and will reach a 4-week window by March 23 with the release of The Blind Side. The new agreement will run through January 31, 2012. Redbox has also agreed to destroy Warner Home Video content following its lifespan in kiosks.

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