Starz/Anchor Bay U.K. Commits To 1st-Look With Mockbuster Maker The Asylum

EXCLUSIVE: The one-year pact between indie production and distribution studio The Asylum and Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment UK covers a guaranteed 10 titles for release in the UK across multiple platforms. Burbank-based The Asylum is known for so-called “mockbusters” with recent titles like Paranormal Entity; Titanic II and Grimm’s Snow White. The company produces 15-20 such films a year for TV, DVD and VOD. Upcoming projects include American Battleship and Bigfoot, which will premiere on Syfy in the US, Adopting Terror to air on Lifetime in June and theatrical/VOD pictures Nazis At The Center Of The Earth and Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies. “The Asylum are one of the most creative, exciting and dynamic production companies operating in the film industry today,” says Anchor Bay UK acquisitions director Rod Smith. “They don’t just tap in to the social zeitgeist, they drill into it and mine it for all its riches and make some of most entertaining and talked about films around. Love them or loathe them but you can’t ignore them.” The Asylum will start production in July on its latest timely mockbuster, Age Of The Hobbits.

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