Yahoo Chief Plans Big Meeting Next Week As Upheaval Continues

There’s one more corporate casualty at Yahoo following this week’s 2,000 layoffs: Chief Product Officer Blake Irving, whose operation was hit hard by the sackings, resigned. He opposed CEO Scott Thompson’s decision to let 14% of the company’s workforce go without first articulating a strategy, according to AllThingsD which first reported Irving’s departure. Many of the layoffs were in the engineering and research focused Labs operation. Irving’s  also said to dispute corporate plans to dump at least parts of its ad technology and search businesses. Thompson will discuss his corporate vision at a company-wide meeting on Tuesday. A memo about the meeting said it would focus on “core media and communications,” “platforms” and “data,” Reuters says. “The immediate next step for all of us is to get clear on our goals, and then take action and move,” Thompson said in the memo. Yahoo shares are down 10.5% over the last 12 months.

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