Keith Olbermann Sues Current TV Over His Firing, Alleged Mismanagement By Current

Keith Olbermann has sued Current TV over his firing from the cable network as anticipated, outlining a litany of complaints about actions taken by Current almost immediately after Olbermann came aboard after leaving MSNBC. The suit, which you can read here, claims Current partners Joel Hyatt and Al Gore undermined Olbermann and ignored his suggestions and concerns about Current.

Among several claims, Olbermann’s suit alleges breach of contract plus breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Olbermann asserts that Current was beset by technical problems caused by inadequate equipment resulting in failures of news feeds and graphics during broadcasts. Eight months into operations, the suit says, lights continued to fail during live broadcasts. Additionally, Olbermann says his name and likeness were used to promote products, companies or other third parties without his approval or consultation. Olbermann also claims in the suit that the marketing and personnel resources to promote his show were inadequate. Regarding Current’s charges of unauthorized absences and other alleged contractual breaches by Olbermann, the suit contends that the absences were authorized or did not involve contractual obligations.

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