Roger Corman Doing 'Sharktopus!' For Syfy

Back on January 3rd, I posted this Mogul Tip: Make More Movies With Sharks after the straight-to-video pic Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus finished No. 8 on Yahoo’s Top 10 most viewed trailers of 2009. Now the Internet is all atwitter because Karen O’Hara, the director of original movies at Syfy, has announced via Twitter a greenlight for the long gestating Sharktopus!. Legendary director Roger Corman is a natural for the project because he’s already given us Supergator, Dinocroc, and Dinoshark. If only Peter Benchley were still alive. Above is graphic artist Matt Leach’s rendition of what the creature feature might look like. Below are O’Hara’s Tweets:

— Spent half am hour discussing what a sharktopus should look like, how many mouths it should have and how it should kill. That’s my job! 11:42 AM Feb 10th from web

— Just got off the phone with the legendary Roger Corman who’s doing a new movie for us this year. Yes, it’s the long-rumored SHARKTOPUS! 11:41 AM Feb 10th from web

— So – if you were making a movie called SHARKTOPUS – half shark, half octopus – what cool stunts would you like to see the creature do? 1:01 PM Jan 11th from web

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