The Hot Trend From WME: Movies About Staff Meetings!

After the success of Pinkberry: The Movie, the spoof film that was generated internally by WME staff for a quarterly meeting, the agency lit department has unveiled a sequel: Staff Meeting: The Movie. The new spoof made its debut at the all company meeting last Friday, and somebody put it on YouTube, which is where I found it. While Pinkberry mainly took swipes at actual WME agents, this film spreads the pain to other agencies as well. Back as the Ari-esque agency head is Miles Fisher, who has a pretty good film career going as a result of the fact everybody in Hollywood saw Pinkberry. The new movie was directed by Dave Green, scripted by Henry Gayden, with Charlize Theron, Shawn Levy and Max Landis joining in the mischief as well as a host of agents including Adam Venit, Phil Raskind, Danny Greenberg and Rick Rosen. I particularly love the shout out to Deadline and our mellow band of commenters. Enjoy!

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