Predictions: $50M For #1 'Ocean's 13'

Let’s look into my analysts’ crystal balls for the Top 6 movies of this very competitive summer box office weekend: Warner’s Ocean’s Thirteen is supposed to open an easy No. 1, making between $45M and $50M from 3,565 theaters. (For those of you keeping score, Eleven scored $38.1M from Friday to Sunday in 3,075 venues, while Twelve debuted with $39.1M in 3,290 playdates). I find this next projection of theirs surprising: even though running aground domestically, Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End in 4,002 theaters should probably make mid-$20s (as in millions). That’s more than Universal’s Knocked Up which has been holding really well and knocking off Jack Sparrow and crew. Still the gurus think the Judd Apatow filthy laffer may finish in the low-$20s from 2,877 venues, which is also where Sony would like to be with its new toon Surf’s Up in 3,528 playdates. (Cowabunga, penguin dudes!) And Lionsgate’s torture porn pic Hostel II probably can make mid-teens from 2,350 theaters since sickos love Eli Roth. That’s also the number predicted for DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek The Third in 3,925 venues. After those six, all that’s left is just the sticky stuff on theater floors.

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