Poll: Most Memorable Super Bowl Movie Ads

UPDATES Few Films Advertising For Super Bowl XLIV

According to a recent MovieTickets.com poll of over 550 people who said they watched the entire game, Alice in Wonderland was the most memorable movie trailer to air during Super Bowl XLIV. About 51% remembered seeing the trailer, while 30% said the trailer was the most effective in encouraging them to see the film when it releases March 5th in theaters — more than any other trailer aired Sunday. Robin Hood was 2nd in terms of effectiveness with 26%.

Which movie ads do you remember seeing during the Super Bowl?
1. Alice in Wonderland (81%)
2. Robin Hood (67%)
3. Shutter Island (63%)
4. The Wolfman (63%)
5. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (56%)
6. The Last Airbender (28%)
7. The Back-up Plan (23%)

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