Hot Teaser: Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'

With the tween-focused The Hunger Games opening imminently, Open Road is hoping to whet the appetite of that audience for another film in that vein, with the first teaser trailer from the adaptation of Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer‘s sci-fi novel. The Host stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, William Hurt and Frances Fisher. It is currently in production, being directed by Andrew Niccol. Ronan stars as Melanie Stryder, one of the last humans putting up a fight against an alien species called Souls, parasites that invade human bodies, fuse to each person’s consciousness and systematically erase their personalities. The Host was Meyer’s follow-up to her hit Twililght book series. Open Road is releasing the film March 29, 2013.

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