TOLDJA! Brett Ratner+Rogue Hook 'Catfish'

By Nikki Finke, Mike Fleming Jr

UPDATE: Brett Ratner & Relativity Make An Offer
UPDATES JJ Abrams & Jason Blum Ask Paramount To Catch ‘Catfish’

UPDATE: We’re told that the Paramount test screening of Catfish resulted in scores of 36% Excellent and 34% Very Good. For a total of 70%. That’s good — but not great.

EXCLUSIVE: Insiders tells us that, at the end, the Sundance hit film had three quiet bidders: Paramount, Fox, and Relativity’s Rogue. Paramount was in it for JJ Abrams and Jason Blum. Fox, for themselves. And Ryan Kavanaugh for Ratner, with whom Rogue is making Movie 43. (Actually, Ratner is one of the components because that pic has 17 directors!) Last night, Paramount held a test screening we already told you about, and, reputedly, the documentary “scored 100% in the top 2 boxes” for the specially invited indie-lovin’ audience. But that could just be hype. Rogue paid in the $1 million to $1.5 million vicinity for U.S. and other English-speaking territories except Australia. We hear Ratner didn’t put up any dough, but “he’s a particpant because he’ll help to finish the final product since it’s still rough. He’ll refresh it,” our insider says.

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