Another 'American Idol' Contestant Dismissed Over Criminal Record

Fox’s American Idol has got to step up its efforts for basic background checks on the contestants who make it to the live shows. This year’s Top 12 finalist Jermaine Jones is the latest to be disqualified because of pending criminal charges. According to TMZ, the Idol producers didn’t find out until today that he had been arrested twice last year, including once for an incident that involved violence, and has outstanding warrants. Tonight, Jones confirmed that he was leaving the show on his official Idol Twitter feed.

Previously on Idol, Season 2 semifinalist Jared Andrews was dismissed over assault charges, while Top 9 finalist Corey Clark was disqualified over pending battery charges. Like Jones, they hadn’t disclosed their criminal history when signing up for the show. Another dismissed Idol semifinalist, early Season 2 frontrunner Frenchie Davis, who got the boot over racy photos, recently resurfaced on rival The Voice.

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