Jewish Journal Stirs More Controversy Around 'An Education' And 'A Serious Man'

Back in mid-December, I wrote this in my post Oscar Campaign Badmouthing Has Begun! “This year, the always delicate Jewish issue in Hollywood has taken a new and unexpected turn. Producers, agents, executives, and other major players will complain (privately, of course) that the movies An Education and A Serious Man depict Jews in a contemptible way. A recent article in The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles lashed into An Education saying the film’s depiction of its Jewish character is reminiscent of the parasitical Jew in the infamous Nazi anti-semitic propaganda film of the 1930’s, Der Ewige Juden (The Eternal Jew). Similarly, Hollywood is incensed privately by the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man and its Jewish stereotypes. Trust me, this will bubble up to the surface before too long if either film looks to be in serious contention for Best Picture.” Well, I was right. Now the Jewish Journal has another expanded look at the controversy surrounding these two pics under the headline: “Realism Or Anti-Semitism?”. Worth reading.

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