Romeo Miller Re-Teams With Tom Lynch For Musical Sitcom

EXCLUSIVE: Almost a decade after Romeo Miller first teamed with Tom Lynch for the Nickelodeon series Romeo!, the actor/rapper is back in business with the pre-eminent producer of comedy series for the tween and teen set. The two are collaborating on RESQ3, a high-school show that focuses on teen social issues. The musical sitcom with drama elements features Miller and his new rap/rock band RESQ3, including drummer Christian Brock and guitarist/vocalist Myles Eberhardt. “It’s the first teen TV show with a Hip Hop, Rock and Pop sound,” Miller said. RESQ3 is produced by the Tom Lynch Co., which is financing the production of a pilot in the fall. The show has already been sold in several international markets, while talks with U.S. networks are underway. Nickelodeon and its sibling networks would be a natural home, having aired Miller/Lynch’s Romeo! as well as most other series produced by Lynch. “It’s great to be back in business with Romeo,” Lynch said. “From 2003 to 2006 we had a #1 series on Nickelodeon, and with Romeo’s experience, poised acting skills, comedic timing, built-in fan base, and musical success, we are expecting to repeat history with another hit TV show.” Romeo is currently filming Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection and will go on tour with RESQ3 in April.

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