Derby Street Films Acquires Black List Script 'Blood Mountain'

EXCLUSIVE: London-based Derby Street Films has made a six-figure acquisition of the Jonathan Stokes spec Blood Mountain, a script that made the 2011 Black List.

Spec is described as a gritty survival thriller with action elements. Shaun Redick and Ray Mansfield of Movie Package Co. are producing alongside James Gibb of Cutting Edge, with Nicola Horlick, Rachel Durkin, Brooklyn Weaver and Jonathan Stokes serving as Executive Producers.

Derby Street Films, which is run by Horlick, was established to take advantage of the Enterprise Investment Scheme in the UK, developing projects for eventual sale to the studios and independent financiers, and TV networks and cable channels. Derby Street Films acquires underlying intellectual properties and is developing original ideas with commercial potential. The goal is to develop 25 projects over the next three years. Derby Street intends to quickly secure a director for Blood Mountain.

CEO Horlick and development director Rachel Durkin are operating from London. The company’s board includes Shaun Redick of Movie Package Co.; James Gibb of Cutting Edge Group; and Maggie Monteith of Dignity Film Finance. Ray Mansfield, of Movie Package Co., plays an integral business and creative role for Derby Street Films.

The deal for Stokes and Weaver was brokered by UTA and attorney Gregg Gellman, and by Ray Mansfield on behalf of Derby Street Films. Stokes also wrote El Gringo, which is in post-production at Silver Pictures / After Dark Films.


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