AFI Surprises Howard Stringer With … Sean Connery

This morning the AFI Board Of Trustees meeting was held from 9-11 AM at the Peninsula Hotel. Among those attending were Sir Howard Stringer, Bob Daly, Amy Pascal, Christopher Dodd, Thomas Tull, Chris Silbermann, Rich Ross, and more. As a surprise for the board chairman Sir Howard Stringer, the Sony Corp topper who celebrated his 70th birthday on February 19th, was a phone call from his pal Sean Connery. Phoning from the Bahamas, Connery toasted Sr Howard on his 70th, elaborated on their friendship (Connery is Scottish and Stringer is Welsh), and noted “Howard, my friend, at our age it’s not the wheels that go, it’s the axel!” Connery also talked about the movie biz. “Without appreciating the art form, the movies would all be Mickey Mouse. I am sure Rich Ross would understand that better than anyone.”

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