MPAA Upholds R Rating On 'Bully'

Weinstein To Take On MPAA ‘Bully’ Rating

The Weinstein Co won its appeal of the MPAA’s rating for Blue Valentine last year, but the distributor missed this one today. The filmmakers and Harvey Weinstein were looking for a PG-13 rating so they could show the documentary about bullying to middle schools and high schools.

LOS ANGELES — The Classification and Rating Appeals Board today upheld the R rating given to the movie Bully. The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) had assigned the movie the R rating for “some language.” In the appeal brought by The Weinstein Company, LLC, the Appeals Board heard statements on behalf of Bully from Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman of the Weinstein Company and Alex Libby, one of the boys in the film. The Classification and Rating Administration was represented by Chairman Joan Graves.

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