Paramount Sues Over New 'Godfather' Novel From Mario Puzo's Estate

Paramount says the son of The Godfather author Mario Puzo is tarnishing the legacy of the studio’s films by attempting to publish a new sequel to the original novel. So it’s suing the Puzo estate in U.S. District Court in New York to stop publication of The Family Corleone later this year. The complaint filed late last week says Paramount bought the copyright of Puzo’s novel in 1969 and allowed Random House to publish a sequel, The Godfather Returns, in 1994. The studio said a second sequel, The Godfather’s Revenge, was published in 2006 without Paramount’s approval, and “far from properly honoring the legacy of The Godfather, the unauthorized The Godfather’s Revenge tarnished, and in the process, also misled consumers into believing that The Godfather’s Revenge was authorized by Paramount,” the complaint reads. The studio is also seeking damages saying the estate is infringing on copyright and trademarks — like those famous puppet strings — by using them to promote the new book. The original 1972 Godfather film won three Oscars and was co-written by Puzo.

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