OSCARS: Production Designer Dante Ferretti — 'Hugo'

Diane Haithman is a contributor to AwardsLine

You might think the biggest challenge for Hugo production designer Dante Ferretti — a frequent Martin Scorsese collaborator and multiple Academy Award winner — would be realizing his first film in 3D. And it was, though he wasn’t alone in charting new ground. “It was everybody’s first time, actually,” the Italian designer says. Sure, that required some additional consideration: “For the set decoration, I had to put more stuff in different positions so you can create depth in the screen,” Ferretti explains. But putting in “more stuff,” he adds, was less daunting than the prospect of creating Paris in London. “Now I’ll tell you in this movie, everything is built on the stages in London. The movie takes place in Paris, but we shot only four days in Paris,” says Ferretti, with obvious pride. “Everything was built from scratch.” (more…)

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