NBC SHAKE-UP! Ben Silverman Replacing Kevin Reilly? Katherine Pope Asking Exit?

2ND UPDATE: Urgent news from 30 Rock is that a big NBC shake-up is underway in the entertainment division, I’m told, after the network again finishes the season in 4th place behind CBS, ABC and Fox. I can report that NBC has definitely offered Kevin Reilly’s job to Ben Silverman (don’t be surprised if it has an inflated title). Yes, that means Reilly is out one way or another, his new contract be damned. But the two big questions now are whether the network and Silverman can come to an agreement, and whether the producer has the right stuff to lead the network showbiz division. Certainly, Silverman has great taste. But as one source tells me, 36-year-old Ben “can barely manage his way out of a paper bag” because of his extreme lifestyle, relentless ass kissing, and constant jetting around in his private plane. In any case, Zucker wants Silverman hog-tied to NBC. I also just got wind that the much-liked Katharine Pope has asked to be let out of her contract. (See below for more.) What’s so weird about the shake-up timing is that Reilly, NBC’s current entertainment czar, just signed a new contract that the network trumpeted back on March 1st. But now Jeff Zucker is looking for a fall guy (in more ways than one). (more…)

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