MRC “Couldn't Be Happier” With Dismissal Of 'The Adjustment Bureau' Lawsuit

Following the dismissal of the Philip K. Dick’s lawsuit over The Adjustment Bureau, Media Rights Capital expressed relief and a sense of vindication. In its statement today, MRC said “We could not be happier for our partner George Nolfi now that the lawsuit concerning The Adjustment Bureau, brought by the heirs of the Philip K. Dick estate has been dismissed. George is not only a talented artist, but an individual of the highest integrity and to claim or suggest otherwise is both offensive and completely unwarranted.”

Attorney for Dick’s estate Justin M. Goldstein responded, “The judge’s ruling and our decision to dismiss the remaining portions of the federal case had nothing to do with the merits of any of the claims. The judge only concluded that state court is the appropriate forum for the dispute.”

When the suit was filed in October 2011, the estate alleged MRC was attempting to avoid payments for the rights to use Dick’s story for the movie that starred Matt Damon. Writer-director Nolfi had optioned the story and renewed the option multiple times. MRC eventually paid to exercise the option for more than $1.6 million. MRC then asserted that they had discovered the material was in the public domain and attempted to get their money back. The Dick estate trust then sued MRC.

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